Five smart reasons to use iLobby in your facility

Focused on enterprises, iLobby is designed to solve visitor management problems within various facilities such as corporate offices, manufacturing plants, schools and government.  The visitor management system replaces bulky, old-fashioned and insecure sign-in books with tablets displaying a series of questions designed to verify visitors’ identities, sign-off on legal documents and record their purpose of visit as well as who

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iLobby updates coming in May: color badges, global messaging system and Skype notifications

Take a quick peek at the new additions to iLobby’s ever-expanding feature set. More coming soon, stay tuned and keep a look out for our release date! Color Management & Color Badge Printing iLobby takes customization to the next level by allowing users to change the color of the user interface. Also, with any AirPrint-compatible device, you are able to

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Seven reasons why you should not use paper log books anymore

If a paper guest book is your current record-keeping solution, there are reasons why you may want to re-consider your approach to visitor management and look for a more efficient method. 1. Log entries are incomplete or illegible. If the handwriting is hard to decipher, you may simply not be able to read the entries. In addition, some visitors may

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Do you need a visitor management system for your manufacturing facility?

1. You want to keep your people, facility, data and intellectual property safe. Your lobby area acts as the first security check at your facility. Traditional paper visitor log books are no longer sufficient for any type of organization, especially for manufacturing offices or plants. Entry logs are typically inaccurate, incomplete and very insecure leaving your visitor information readily available

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