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iLobby is the best solution to optimize your visitor management process.

iLobby’s visitor management system maximizes your front desk’s efficiency by allowing the receptionist to work on other important projects while your visitors sign themselves in with the Sign in App. Better yet, iLobby enhances the safety and security of your facility while ensuring regulatory compliance. During regular auditing, iLobby goes the extra mile to give you the reports you need.

iLobby saves time and money by making the front desk one of the most efficient points in your company.

iLobbyvisitormanagementsystem quickguide

Not convinced? Take a peek at our quick start guide to learn more.

Traditional Front Desk iLobby
3 minutes
To handle a regular visitor, identify their needs and notify the host about their arrival.
5 seconds
To warmly greet a visitor and let iLobby take care of the rest.
2 minutes
To inspect, accept and properly record a delivery.
20 seconds
To inspect the items delivered and let iLobby deal with registering the package.
10 minutes
To find out (in case of emergency) how many visitors are currently present at your facility and send out their names to appointed individuals.
5 seconds
To turn on the evacuation mode that will trigger all required notifications.
3 hrs – 3 days
To create a visitation report for a given period of time.
20 seconds
To choose the required time frame and export an automatically prepared report to CSV.
10 minutes
To brief a contractor regarding site safety requirements and make sure they understood your instructions.
0 time
iLobby will provide your contractors with all materials and can even control if they have mastered the requirements through a series of questions.

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Why is iLobby better?

Compared to a traditional front desk

Take a look at our fast facts and quickly compare how much time you and your employees can save on daily visitor-related tasks when using iLobby.

Multi Lingual

To keep you connected

iLobby interface supports all languages on our Sign in App.  Want to have multiple languages loaded and let the visitor decide which to use during registration?  We can do that!

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CustomizediLobby MultipleDevices iPadandDesktop

Our platform is super flexible

So that you don’t have to be

iLobby is built on a fluid and responsive framework allowing it to be very usable regardless of device or environment. Whether your iLobby will be running on a 10″ iPad® or 40″ display – rest assured in knowing that the experience will be flawless.

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iLobby Legal Documents

Legal documents and compliance

Ensuring all protocols are followed

iLobby can present health questionnaires, NDAs and many other legal documents as a requirement to gain access to your environment.  Your staff will be notified if visitors pass or fail specific questions and all of the data, along with signatures, will be stored in our secured cloud for future retrieval.

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iLobby Badge Printing

Visitor Badges

Making visitors easy to spot

iLobby provides visitor badges that help employees easily recognize the visitor as well as their credentials.

Available in grayscale and full colour.

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Host Notifications

Keeping everything efficient

iLobby sends automatic visitor notifications to the host through: txt, email and voice.

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Many more features & integrations

form-fitting options ensuring optimal security, efficiency and ease of use for any business

ID Scanning@x

ID Scanning

Support for government-issued ID scanning such as passports, student IDs and drivers licenses.

rd Party Watchlists@x

3rd Party Watchlists

Integration with systems allowing to identify sex offenders, DBs, and criminals.

Self Serve Kiosks@x

Self Serve Kiosks

Visitors are able to complete the entire sign-in process with little to no employee assistance.

Evacuation Mode@x

Evacuation Mode

Dispatching notifications to all employees letting them know that there is an evacuation in effect.

Centrally Managed@x

Centrally Managed

The entire platform is manageable from a secure online portal.

Temp Staff Tracking@x

Temporary Staff Tracking

Track temporary staff such as substitute teachers or short-term contractors.

Access Control@x

Access Control

Allow clearance of limited or full access to desired guests and or employees.

BlackWhite Lists@x

Black & White Lists

Advanced access controls ensure the security of your facility by denying entry to blacklisted visitors.

What is iLobby? 

  • iLobby is an innovative tablet-based visitor management software and check-in  platform that does much more than a sign-in book at your reception area. It categorically enhances the security of your business infrastructure and improves the experience of your visitors, contractors and employees.
  • As a fully-digitized visitor management system, iLobby streamlines the check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signatures – all in a few taps on the screen. The system is built to protect your employees and your property making sure that only authorized visitors have access to your facility.
  • iLobby tracks every visitor at your facility and allows you to easily retrieve your visitor data as well as export it for further analysis. All visitor information and documentation is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud for as long as you need.

Why iLobby?

iLobby is a completely automated system that instantly notifies your staff members when their visitors arrive.
Visitors use an iPad or Android tablet to input their information, the system then takes their picture and sends a notification to the host via SMS, email or voice call. iLobby also prints badges for every guest allowing your employers to easily recognize their visitors.

iLobby is a safe way to ensure effective contractor management and regulatory compliance.
It requires your visitors to complete and submit health questionnaires, read and accept safety guidelines, sign waivers, training materials, NDAs and other types of legal agreements in order to finish the sign-in process and access your facility. iLobby keeps unauthorized visitors out of areas where they’re not allowed and makes sure that every visitor at your facility has signed all required forms and is well aware of health and safety standards that must be followed.

iLobby enables you to create detailed reports when you need it.
If certain security regulations require you provide auditable visitor reports, iLobby is a one-stop solution for your business as a visitor sign in system, check-in software and visitor management system. It instantly generates detailed daily, monthly, yearly reports and allows you to retrieve data for any given period of time. All visitor entries are accurate, easy-to-find and easy-to-read and you can quickly sort and analyze all your visitor data, which is obviously not possible if you use paper log books.

iLobby enhances your guests’ experience and creates a winning first impression.
The lobby area of your facility is the first impression your visitors receive about your company. With iLobby, you have full control of how you want to present your business and you can customize the welcome screen to reflect your company and brand identity. iLobby adds a personalized, modern and reliable feel to your business while ensuring that every visitor is handled professionally.

iLobby assists you with managing evacuation during emergency situations.
If evacuation mode is in effect, iLobby automatically sends emergency notifications to all employees. It also creates and distributes evacuation lists to authorized users such as employees having visitors and Health & Safety officers to let them instantly see who has checked in and is present in the building.

More questions? Check out our FAQ for answers.

Learn how iLobby can help you make your business safer and more efficient.