iLobby for Education

iLobby for Education

Improving safety across all channels while streamlining the visitor sign-in process.

iLobby has the ability to track the different visitor types that come to the school environment such as: Parents, ESL Students, Volunteers and others. It provides a safe environment to schools as it stores all the visitor data in a secure admin portal that also generates end of day visitation reports. With iLobby the schools can also monitor in real time who is currently at their facility should an emergency occur.

All Features

Key Features

Visitor image capture

iLobby captures every visitors image for safety reasons and stores it on a secure admin portal.

Visitor Badges

iLobby prints custom visitor badges that help employees easily recognize visitors as well as their credentials, clearance levels and access durations.

Evacuation Mode

iLobby assists during emergency evacuations by dispatching notifications to all employees letting them know that there is an evacuation in effect. If an employee has active visitors, iLobby will include a list of these visitors in the employee’s notification. The assigned health and safety personnel will receive a complete list of all visitors/contractors within the facility to assist in the headcount process.

Real-world Benefits that matter

iLobby is the central point for visitor processing in any type of facility

First Impression

Deliver the message of a facility that puts high emphasis on safety, technology and compliance.

Safety & Security

Real-time visitor logs, smart badging and evacuation assistant enhance safety and security.

Tracking & Reporting

Retrieve current and past events, sorting visitors by type, purpose of visit and assigned employee.

Compliance & Legal

Easily exceed all visitor related requirements presented by PCI, ITAR, GMP and others.

Learn how iLobby can help you make your business safer and more efficient.